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Petrol garden shredders are the perfect solution for gardeners looking to recycle large amounts of garden waste quickly and effectively. Not only do these brilliant machines reduce all types of garden waste down to a fraction of the original size, the result can be versatile mulch or nutrient rich compost that can be reintroduced into the garden from where it came.

Petrol garden shredders offer significantly more power than electric shredders, enabling them to cope with substantial amounts of garden waste. A number of models are available, offering solutions for everything from large-scale domestic use to professional and commercial requirements.

Most petrol garden shredders feature both a shredding and a chipping facility, enabling them to deal with the differing requirements of smaller items (including green waste items such as hedge clippings, plants and leaves) and tougher, thick stemmed brown waste items (such as tree branches). The former are crushed using the shredding mechanism, and in turn quickly biodegrade to produce a compost that can be added to beds and borders to help plant growth; heavy duty items such as tree branches can be cut up using the chipping facility and used as mulch - perfect for suppressing weeds, as well as providing an attractive decorative touch to a garden.

With the focus of today firmly on the environment, petrol garden shredders represent an excellent means of recycling organic waste products. Even if you prefer to take the waste to a local recycling plant, you will probably only require a single trip in the car once your waste has been shredded to a 20th of its previous boot space!

This site contains lots of useful information on petrol garden shredders, along with some great tips on which petrol garden shredders to buy.

Main Features of Petrol Garden Shredders


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All petrol garden shredders are made up of a number of fundamental components which enable them to do their job to varying degrees of efficiency and quality. The main component parts of a petrol garden shredder are the engine, the blades, the chute and various safety features.

As with petrol powered lawn mowers, a petrol garden shredder is driven by a petrol engine (the electric garden shredder is available as an alternative to this). The size of the engine will vary depending on the petrol garden shredder in question, but generally speaking they range from approximately 4hp to 10hp for domestic and private use.

Petrol garden shredders with an output greater than 7 or 8 horse power are often used for commercial purposes and even larger systems are available, though the bigger the shredder the less portable they are. Various manufacturers provide engines for garden machinery of this type, but two of the most common and most reliable engine manufacturers are Honda and Briggs and Stratton, who both provide engines for a number of petrol garden shredders with various output capacities.

The engine in a petrol garden shredder is used to drive the cutting component in the system; some of the larger shredders can have an output as high as 40,000 rpm. Generally speaking, a petrol garden shredder will be fitted with a series of reversible blades, although some operate using flails (often considered to be noisier and somewhat less reliable). The blades operate in unison, rotating at a high speed in order to shred garden waste, producing nutrient rich compost or a mulch which can also be used in the garden. The number of blades in a petrol garden shredder can vary dramatically depending on the size of the unit; smaller systems can have one or two blades, whereas a larger product can have well over twenty.

The chute on a petrol garden shredder is a simple funnel which allows the garden waste to enter the machine. Again, chutes vary in width and depth depending on the capacity of the shredder, and the amount of garden waste they are capable of dealing with. For obvious reasons, every petrol garden shredder will need to be fitted with various safety features to prevent injury. Typical safety features include specially mounted protection nets, a variety of safety guard options and even strategically positioned mud flaps.

Benefits of Petrol Garden Shredders

User Benefits

Aside from the wider-scale environmental implications of shredding garden waste, petrol garden shredders offer the user a whole host of direct benefits:

Gardening benefits: the production of mulch and compost provides a garden with nourishment and weed suppression, whilst helping with moisture retention. The mulch can also make your garden look great.

Time saving benefits: petrol garden shredders enable you to deal with garden waste quickly and effectively, from the actual shredding of the waste right through to that single trip to the recycling plant.

Money saving benefits: with your own mulch and compost producing facility, that's two things less to be spending your money on at the garden centre.

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If you've left it a bit late to get stuck into the garden this year, you may be faced with an excessive amount of foliage and general debris that needs to be disposed of.

A petrol garden shredder will munch through this waste with minimal effort, leaving you with a nice clear outside space to work with this summer!


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Petrol Garden Shredders

1. A petrol garden shredder helps reduce garden waste quickly and easily

2. Petrol garden shredders produce nutrient rich compost and weed suppressing mulch


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